63 CheeChas or 19 Chips. The Choice is Yours!

Take your snacking farther with our bold flavoured, guilt free CheeCha Puffs.

Guilt Free Snacking

Both Guilt Free & Gluten Free Flavours Available!

Whether you are looking for that crunchy snack without fat or gluten we have you covered.

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Isn't It Time You Said Goodbye to Snacking Shame?

Snackers everywhere are empowered by the bold crunch of CheeCha without all those excess calories.

Show Your Snacking Pride!

CheeCha Puffs are Guilt Free and Gluten Free Snacking Done Right!

Guilt Free Snacking Never Tasted So Good

Whether you are looking for a snack that fits your busy schedule or fits you into your favourite pair of jeans, CheeCha Puffs are here to help. Look no further for that perfect crispy, light crunch loaded with the bold flavour you crave. So go ahead and dig in.

Trans Fat Free

All Flavours

Nut Free

All Flavours


*7 Flavours


*6 Flavours

Say Goodbye to Snacker Shame

Wouldn’t it be great if we all knew how to reach for a handful of our favourite snack and have the self control to leave it alone until tomorrow?  Unfortunately, we live in reality and that means we occasionally eat the whole bag.  But don’t fret! You can eat CheeCha Puffs without all that shame!  Because eating a bag of CheeCha is like eating a fraction of a bag of potato chips.

Let’s suppose you want to reach for 40 grams of your favourite chips.  You’d have to tap out after just 19 chips.  Alternatively you can enjoy the bold crunch of over 60 individual CheeCha Puffs for the same portion.  And don’t forget you’d also be indulging in significantly less fat and calories.

Isn’t it time that snacking was fun again?

Now Available in Canada and the US

Do you have snacking pride?

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